3The Dholasan Block is located onshore within the Cambay Basin north of the Nandasan and Lynch Fields. It covers 8.7 km² and two discoveries were made on the block in February 1984 by ONGC through the drilling of South Dholasan-1 and North Dholasan-1 wells. Both of the wells were shut in following the initial production test. The wells were reactivated in June 2004, and production from the North Dholasan-1 well re-commenced at an initial oil rate of approximately 11 bopd of oil and 6 Mscf/d of gas. As of September 2013, cumulative production from the field was 11000 stb of oil and 5 MMscf of gas. GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. will drill two more wells within the Block delineating the producing zones as well as targeting prospective gas resources in the shallow section as well.

The Dholasan Block is covered by a 3D survey that was acquired in 2007 covering an area of ~22 km². The full fold survey covers the block area of 8.7 km² and is of reasonable quality.


No. Name of Block Participating Interest Operator Joint Venture Partners
1. Kanawara 30% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. GSPC(70%)
2. North Kathana 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
3. Allora 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
4. Dholasan 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
5. North Balol 30% HOEC GSPC(45%) HOEC(25%)
6. Unawa 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA