The Kanawara Block covers an area of 6.3 km² and is located in the Tarapur Block north of the Khambhat town, Gujarat, India. The Field was discovered in February 1971 by ONGC with the Kanawara-2 well. The well was shut in, following the initial production test of 31 bbl/d of oil and 98.8 Mscf/d of gas. In 1976 Kanawara-3 was drilled by ONGC, about 1 km to the north of Kanawara-2 and initially produced 9 bbl/d of high GOR oil from the same EP-IV sand reservoir. In 1991, a hydro frac was carried out and the well flowed oil intermittently and then ceased due to water production.

Kanawara-2 and -3 wells were reactivated in June 2004, and production from the Kanawara field re-commenced in February 2005 at an initial oil rate of approximately 13 bopd of oil and 0.012 MMscf/d of gas.

Five new wells have been drilled in the field area by GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. from the time of PSC was awarded for delineation/development purposes and regular Oil & Gas production commenced. Strategies are in place to achieve optimum recoveries through implementing optimal advanced technolgies.  As of September, 2013, cumulative production was only ~150,000 stb of oil and ~761 MMscf of gas out of Proved in-place reserves of 10.22 MMstb of oil and 9.5 Bscf of gas.

The Kanawara Block is covered by a 3D survey that is part of larger survey acquired by our partner GSPC in 2003.Fullfledged field development plan is under conceptual stage,likely to mature by end of FY 2013-14 for submission to Govt of India for approval for implementing the same.

Environmental Clearance for drilling of Development Wells

EC Compliance – February 2016

EC Compliance – August 2016

EC Compliance – January 2017

EC Compliance – July 2017

No. Name of Block Participating Interest Operator Joint Venture Partners
1. Kanawara 30% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. GSPC(70%)
2. North Kathana 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
3. Allora 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
4. Dholasan 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
5. North Balol 30% HOEC GSPC(45%) HOEC(25%)
6. Unawa 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA