North Balol

6The North Balol Block covers an area of 27.3 km² and is located west of the Meshana town, Gujarat, India. The field was discovered in February 1972 by ONGC with the North Balol-1 well. In total, nine exploration wells have been drilled in the field – North Balol-1 to -9. The North Balol-1 to -4 wells are gas bearing; wells North Balol-5 and -8 are oil bearing and wells North Balol-6, -7 and -9 are dry. Presently, only two wells North Balol-1 and -5 are producing. The North Balol-1 and -5 wells were reactivated in November 2005, but production from the North Balol field only recommenced in August 2006 at an initial oil rate of ~0.6 MMscf/d.  As of March 2013, cumulative gas production is 2.75 Bscf.

The North Balol Block is covered by 2D seismic data out of which fourteen lines were used by define the structure. A total volume of 16.87 km² of 3D seismic is located on the Block, which is part of a 69.08 km² 3D survey that was acquired by ONGC in 1985-86 and reprocessed by GSI in 1986-87. The overall 3D coverage of the Block is around 62%.

No. Name of Block Participating Interest Operator Joint Venture Partners
1. Kanawara 30% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. GSPC(70%)
2. North Kathana 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
3. Allora 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
4. Dholasan 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA
5. North Balol 30% HOEC GSPC(45%) HOEC(25%)
6. Unawa 100% GNRL Oil & Gas Ltd. NA